Sweden’s Feminist Foreign Policy: Implications for Humanitarian Response

Sweden's feminist foreign policy

This policy brief presents the implications of Sweden’s feminist foreign policy for the people they strive to assist, Sweden’s own humanitarian policy and operations, and more broadly the whole humanitarian community. It provides recommendations on how a feminist humanitarian policy could intersect with other foreign policy areas and broader humanitarian, development and security action at the national and international level.

The specific recommendations it includes are related to ensuring:

• Complementarity of core humanitarian principles and feminist approaches
• Application of human rights and equal rights between men and women
• Regular production and integration of gender analyses into planning and reporting
• Acceptable representation of women in positions of power and influence
• Transparent and just distribution and use of resources between men and women

This policy brief is part of the Planning from the Future Project and was a joint project of two Tufts University institutions, the World Peace Foundation and the Feinstein International Center.