Welcome our new Practitioner Expert in Residence

Dr. Keerty Nakray has joined our Practitioner Expert Program. While in residence at the Center, Keerty will develop two collaborative projects: 1) Ethics of Research in Humanitarian Crisis; 2) Intersections of Gender, Life-Course (Life-Cycle), Ethnicity, Religion and Caste: Implications for Disaggregation of Data in Humanitarian Crisis in Asia. She hopes to work with Dyan Mazurana on this project.

Dr. Nakray is currently Associate Professor and Assistant Director, Centre for Women, Law and Social Change, at Jindal Global Law School in Sonepat, India. She recently published an edited book on “Gender Based Violence and Its Impact on Public Health: International Perspectives on Budgets and Policies”, and is in the finishing stages of another edited book titled “Social Science Research Ethics For A Globalising World Interdisciplinary and Cross-Cultural Perspectives” co-edited with Margaret Alston and Kerrie Whittenbury. Dr. Nakray holds a PhD in Sociology and Social Policy from Mumbai University, India.

She will be in residence at the Center from January 16th through February 7th. She can be reached by email at Knakray@jgu.edu.in.