Tsering Gellek honored for building bridges between cultures

On September 18, 2017, Feinstein Visiting Fellow and  Fletcher Masters of Arts in Law and Diplomacy alum, Tsering Gellek, was honored with the the Henry J. Leir Human Security Award from the Institute of Human Security at the Fletcher School.

Tufts Now recently met with her to discuss her efforts to preserve Tibetan Buddhist culture and foster East-West dialogue. They write:

As the American-born daughter of a French-Egyptian poet and a Tibetan Buddhist spiritual leader, Tsering Gellek, F00, grew up bridging cultures—and she hasn’t stopped. In fact, building connections between East and West is central to her latest venture, directing an international Buddhist institute in India.

“I’m an apple that didn’t fall too far from my own tree, my own roots,” she said, explaining that her efforts follow those of her father, Tarthang Tulku, who has founded several organizations dedicated to publishing Tibetan Buddhist teachings and sharing them widely. Read more here.