Karen Jacobsen discusses risk, governance, and the challenges of migration at the Advancing Good Governance Seminar

Karen Jacobsen joined  on the opening plenary, “Risks and Challenges in Specific Migration Contexts: What Will a New Governance Model Need to Address, and How? What Will It Look Like?” at the Sixth Annual Advancing Good Governance in International Development Seminar in Oxford, UK.

The session explored the spectrum of political, security, economic, development, humanitarian, and other risks and challenges that a new model of governance will need to address, and how, and by whom. Panelists considered governance at different levels and challenges and shortcomings of operation in different contexts with a view to identifying solutions that can be developed into a new model of governance.

The panel also included Idil Atak, Associate Professor, Ryerson University; Surin Pitsuwan, Board Member, Centre for Humanitarian Dialogue; and Amaf Yousef, Refugee Support Coordinator, Rethink Rebuild Society. It was moderated by Penny Lawrence, Deputy Chief Executive, Oxfam GB.