Dyan Mazurana and Phoebe Donnelly’s report on sexual assault against aid workers praised by Devex

Devex’s June 6, 2017 story on sexual assault against aid workers praised Dyan Mazurana and Phoebe Donnelly’s recent report. The article describes the report and other recent finding on the issue and quotes two prominent leaders on the issue.

Megan Nobert, who founded Report the Abuse after being raped by a colleague while working for an international aid organization in South Sudan in 2015, said, “we hope the report will encourage more humanitarian organizations to reach out for assistance and guidance.”

Rosalia Gitau, a founder of the Humanitarian Women’s Network, which was set up last year by a group of female aid workers, noted the fact that women are not the only victims. “This report sheds light on not only the challenges faced by many women aid workers but also aid workers who identify as LGBT, highlights the specific challenges facing national staff, and investigates some of the structural issues within the humanitarian and development space that create an unhealthy institutional culture.”

The Devex article is available here.

Mazurana and Donnelly’s report is available here.

A short video describing the findings is available here.