Hassan Alattar Satti and Youssif El Tayeb disseminate study findings in Darfur

participants at event in Darfur

In January 2022, Visiting Fellow Hassan Alattar Satti and Research Advisory Group member Youssif El Tayeb held three workshops to discuss findings from the Taadoud II operational research. The University of Al Fashir hosted the workshop in North Darfur. The University of Zalingei hosted the Central Darfur event. And Norwegian Church Aid hosted the workshop in South Darfur.

During these workshops Hassan and Youssif presented the findings from a study about community incentives to participate in integrated natural resource management (INRM) projects (see Brief 3). Representatives from academia, state government, community-based organizations, and civil society participated in each workshop.

To help inform the Taadoud II project, community-based organization practices, and state level policies, the groups discussed three main topics:

  1. What can we learn from the history of changing policies and institutions?
  2. How can we influence the transformation of livelihoods to fit within the inclusive framework of INRM?
  3. How can we adjust INRM activities to make a positive impact on social cohesion?

There are no simple answers to these questions and the response depends significantly on context. Participants engaged in a debate about how to encourage INRM and use it to improve livelihoods and social cohesion in Darfur.