Dyan Mazurana and Dallin Van Leuven publish for African Politics, African Peace

Dyan Mazurana and Dallin Van Leuven published their summary paper, “Protection of Civilians from Sexual and Gender-Based Violence (SGBV): Insights for African Union Peace Missions.” This paper is the ninth in a series published for African Politics, African Peace, a project to chart an agenda for peace in Africa.

In the paper, the authors analyze the causes of sexual violence and explore how peace missions can adapt to better protect civilians. The researchers focus on gender equality, delineating how women’s participation in peace processes significantly contributes to positive peace outcomes. The paper offers several concrete recommendations to the African Union, including establishing a zero-tolerance policy for sexual exploitation and abuse (SEA) and placing specific targets for women’s participation as military peacekeepers and civilian police.

Read the full paper here.

African Politics, African Peace is an independent report of the World Peace Foundation, supported by the African Union.