Dan Maxwell participates in Scholars’ Circle Podcast about famine

Famine and food insecurity threaten the lives of nearly a billion people worldwide. And the number of people living in food insecurity is increasing. Why is there food insecurity and what can be done? How much is food insecurity caused by environmental factors and how much is it caused by conflict?

Dan Maxwell participated in the Scholars’ Circle Podcast that explored the issues that create food insecurity particularly in East Africa and the Horn of Africa, and effective, efficient ways to address concerns of famine and food insecurity.

The podcast also features Bill Moseley, DeWitt Wallace Professor of Geography at Macalester College, and Bilal Butt, Associate Professor of Sustainability and Development at the University of Michigan. The podcast was produced by Ankine Aghassian, Doug Becker, Melissa Chiprin, Mihika Chechi, and Sudd Dongre.

Listen to the full podcast here.