Anastasia Marshak and Helen Young publish in the Food and Nutrition Bulletin

On December 8, 2016, Anastasia Marshak, Helen Young, Elizabeth Bontrager, and Erin Boyd published their article, “The Relationship between Acute Malnutrition, Hygiene Practices, Water and Livestock, and their Program Implications in Eastern Chad” in the Food and Nutrition Bulletin.

The article presents findings from an evaluation of a four-year multisectoral nutrition program led by Concern Worldwide in the Sila Region of eastern Chad. The results demonstrate that hygiene practices and livestock water management are correlated with acute malnutrition in Sila, Chad. These findings provide a hypothesis for a possible pathogen driving acute malnutrition rates—Cryptosporidium—as part of a complex water chain, whereby the source of infection may be mitigated by hygiene behaviors with important implications for humanitarian programs.

The full article is available here.