Zakaria Yagoub Kaja

Feinstein Publications

Against the Grain: The Cereal Trade in Darfur

“This report is the third in a series of in-depth studies researching and analyzing the impact of conflict and associated factors on trade in Darfur’s main agricultural and livestock commodities….

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A Study of Production and Trade in Fresh Vegetables: North and West Darfur

This study on the trade of onions and tomatoes in Darfur explores trends in the production of and trade in onions and tomatoes during the conflict years, and the extent to which this is an area of current and potential growth.

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Taking Root: The Cash Crop Trade in Darfur

This study explores the impact of a decade of conflict in Darfur on the trade in some of Darfur’s major cash crops. How has the cash crop trade adapted, and…

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