Video Abstract: Somalia Famine: Competing Imperatives, Collective Failures 2011-2012

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Dan Maxwell discusses the findings the book he co-authored with Nisar Majid. The book analyzes the famine, the humanitarian, and the community responses. Watch the video to learn more about the trade-offs between competing policy priorities that led to the famine, the collective failure in response, and how those affected by it attempted to protect themselves and their livelihoods.

The book is available for purchase at the following: Oxford University Press, Amazon, and Hurst Publishers


This project is a major retrospective study of the 2010-2011 Somalia famine. It considers the reasons for the delayed international response, the engagement of non-western humanitarian actors, and the agency and actions of affected communities and groups in protecting their own livelihoods and lives. The project also develops interventions to build resilience in the famine-affected areas.