MAHA Alumni Profiled for World Humanitarian Day 2022

In recognition of this year’s World Humanitarian Day, The Fletcher School spoke with six Master of Arts in Humanitarian Assistance (MAHA) alumni. All of these alumni have applied their field and classroom training to careers centered on advancing humanitarian action in an increasingly complex world.

Teddy Atim, MAHA 08
Visiting Fellow, Feinstein International Center
With more than 15 years of experience working with children, women, and families affected by armed conflict, killings, sexual violence and more, Teddy Atim understands the most difficult aspects of life for humanitarian workers. Read more.

Sasha Chanoff, MAHA 04
Founder and CEO, RefugePoint
Sasha Chanoff discusses his organization’s goals to significantly transform humanitarian response systems to better address the needs of refugees around the world. Read more.

Paul George, MAHA 18
Grants Partnership Coordinator for ACF in Jordan
Paul George shares his perspective about how, as the Syrian crisis grows, life on the ground for humanitarian workers becomes more difficult. Read more.

Ahmed Khalif, MAHA 21
County Director, Action Against Hunger in Somalia
Ahmed Khalif explains how his job involves ensuring the safety of his team of humanitarian workers, a burden he does not carry lightly. Read more.

Abdifatah Mohamud, MAHA 21
Executive Director, Lifeline Gedo (LLG) in Somalia
Abdifatah Mohamood, who grew up in Somalia and has worked in humanitarian contexts in a range of operational positions for almost a decade, shares a bit about the challenges of humanitarian work. Read more.

Abdal Monium Osman, MAHA 00
FAO Office of Emergency and Resilience, Rome, Italy
Abdal Monium Osman talks about the many hats he has worn and the many responsibilities he has shouldered during his years working to bring relief to those in crisis situations. Read more.

These alumni worked closely with Feinstein faculty while they were students at Tufts and remain connected to the Center today. We are proud of them and all our alumni who are using their education and skills to serve people and communities around the world.