News sources cite Dan Maxwell famine research in light of current and potential famine declarations

In light of the famine declaration in South Sudan and potential famine declarations in Somalia, Yemen, and Northern Nigeria, several news sources have cited Feinstein research.

  • In IRIN’s March 30, 2017 Special Report “We are not the world: Inside the ‘perfect storm’ of famine,” Dan Maxwell provides insight into solutions to the famines and near famines in Yemen, Somalia, Northern Nigeria, and South Sudan.
  • In an opinion piece in Al Jeezera on March 19, 2017, Afyare Elmi points to Dan Maxwell and Nisar Majid book, Famine in Somalia, in his discussion of the failed response to the 2011/2012 famine. Read the full piece here.
  • In their February 10, 2017 “cheat sheet,” IRIN describes the potential for a famine declaration in Somalia. The news source highlighted a Feinstein desk study on the 2011 famine to show potential effective interventions. Read the IRIN article here.

Find the full list of Feinstein research on the 2011 Somalia famine here.