Helen Young has co-edited a new book on livelihoods, natural resources, and post-conflict peace-building

Helen Young, Feinstein International Center’s Research Director for Nutrition, Livelihoods and Conflict, has collaborated with Lisa Goldman of the Environmental Law Institute to co-edit a new book titled Livelihoods, Natural Resources, and Post-Conflict Peace-BuildingThe book, with a foreword by Jan Egeland, is now available from Routledge. A blurb is available below, and the Table of Contents can be browsed here.

About the book: 

Sustaining and strengthening local livelihoods is one of the most fundamental challenges faced by post-conflict countries. By degrading the natural resources that are essential to livelihoods and by significantly hindering access to those resources, conflict can wreak havoc on the ability of war-torn populations to survive and recover. This book explores how natural resource management initiatives in more than twenty countries and territories have supported livelihoods and facilitated post-conflict peacebuilding.

Case studies and analyses identify lessons and opportunities for the more effective design of interventions to support the livelihoods that depend on natural resources – from land to agriculture, forestry, fisheries, and protected areas. The book also explores larger questions about how to structure livelihoods assistance as part of a coherent, integrated approach to post-conflict redevelopment.

Livelihoods and Natural Resources in Post-Conflict Peacebuilding is part of a global initiative to identify and analyze lessons in post-conflict peacebuilding and natural resource management. The project has generated six books of case studies and analyses, with contributions from practitioners, policy makers, and researchers. Other books in this series address high value resources, land, water, assessing and restoring natural resources, and governance.