Helen Young facilitates panel at Disasters conference

On Thursday September 14, 2017, scholars and experts from around the world, including Feinstein’s Helen Young, gathered at the Disasters conference to discuss how studies of disasters have evolved over the past 40 years. The Disasters journal has been leading disaster studies and the conference reviewed progress in reducing vulnerability and increasing resilience globally.

As a co-editor of the Disasters journal, Helen facilitated a panel with experts from four regions around the world. She asked important questions of the panel including how the study of disasters has evolved, and why the study of disasters has remained relevant. Helen emphasized the importance of bridging the gap between research, practice, and policy with regards to disasters. While she recognized the significant technology advances that research on disasters has produced, Helen also highlighted the many challenges that lie ahead for disaster studies.

To watch the video of the panel click here.

The 40th anniversary edition of Disasters Journal is available here.