Gaye Burpee publishes guide to managing water resources

Feinstein Visiting Fellow Gaye Burpee published a pocket guide to managing water resources.

This guide acknowledges that farmers are used to dealing with changes in weather and years when rain comes earlier or in greater amounts than other years. However, it recognizes that climate change brings new challenges, and farming conditions will not return to the way they were in the past. To respond to these changes, many farmers will need to make big adjustments to their farming systems within the next 10 to 20 years. The guide provides a few basic concepts and practices that agricultural extension agents can test and use with farm families and rural communities to manage water resources and respond to climate change.

The guide is available in English, Spanish, and French here. It is part of a set of pocket guides, “Preparing Smallholder Farm Families to Adapt to Climate Change,” for field agents working in agricultural extension. The first pocket guide in the series covers extension practices for agricultural adaptation. It is available here.