Food Policy publishes article on measuring food security by Dan Maxwell and team

Feinstein Research Director Dan Maxwell teamed up with Visiting Fellow Bapu Vaitla, Senior Researcher Jennifer Coates, Laura Glaeser, Christopher Hillbruner, and Preetish Biswal to publish “The measurement of household food security: Correlation and latent variable analysis of alternative indicators in a large multi-country dataset” in Food Policy’s April 2017 issue.

Highlights from the article are:

  • Food security is a theoretical construct that can only be measured indirectly.
  • The multidimensionality of food security complicates its measurement.
  • This paper analyses the relationships among four common food security indicators.
  • Factor analysis shows that indicators align with two different dimensions.
  • Results suggest utilizing such indicators in a complementary manner.

The full article can be found here.