Dan Maxwell’s discussion on early warning among highlights of Humanitarian Networks and Partnership Week

On May 12, 2022, The New Humanitarian provided a round up of the Humanitarian Networks and Partnership Week in their article “A tasting menu from Geneva’s humanitarian trade fair.” The article highlighted seven topics that piqued the authors’ interest: cybersecurity risks, Ukraine’s environmental risks, accountability, innovation, early warning, misinformation, and the climate crisis.

In the section on early warning, the authors highlighted Dan Maxwell’s remarks during a panel organized by REACH. They wrote:

Early warning, part of the broader agenda for aid to be more anticipatory, can have significant benefits for communities on the front lines of crisis. “We know it saves people’s lives, it protects livelihood assets,” Dan Maxwell, of Tufts University and part of the Famine Review Committee for the Integrated Food Security Phase Classification…Yet often, he explained, the humanitarian system struggles to put early warning information to good use, finding itself catching up with a crisis that is already taking shape. “We don’t act; we wait until an actual famine is declared before the response is anything at scale.”

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