MAHA Application and Admissions Information

Applicant Eligibility

Candidates must hold an undergraduate degree, have significant experience in the field of humanitarian assistance (at least three years), and have a demonstrated commitment to furthering their career in the field of humanitarian assistance. Candidates must also be fluent in written and spoken English. The Graduate Record Examination (GRE) is not required.

Native English speakers will be required to demonstrate literacy in another language at the end of the program.

Tuition and Financial Aid Information

Tuition is reviewed and set annually. Students can expect the program to cost $75,000, which includes all tuition and fees, health insurance (if needed), associate program costs, and rent/living expenses. Financial aid and limited scholarships are available. For more information see the Friedman School’s information on Student Funding and Finance.

How to Apply

Prospective students apply through the Friedman School. Learn more about the application process and deadlines and apply online here.


For questions about the MAHA program, faculty, courses, etc., contact us at

For questions about the application process, contact the Friedman School at

Other Humanitarian Education Options at Tufts

The MAHA program is one of several ways to study issues related to humanitarian response at Tufts. The Fletcher and Friedman Schools also offer degree options. Learn more here.

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