Feinstein Special Seminar: The disruptive power of cash: How the growing use of cash is changing the humanitarian system

Paul Harvey will be discussing the transformational shift in humanitarian action as cash becomes more widely adopted as a core modality.

 Mr. Harvey has 16 years of research, evaluation, and policy experience as a researcher at Oversees Development Institute (ODI) , the Institute Development Studies (IDS), and as an independent consultant. Currently, he is the director of a six year multi-donor funded research consortium on livelihoods and services in conflicts (SLRC). Other recent work includes a high level panel on humanitarian cash transfers, an evaluation of Dutch humanitarian action, and evaluations of cash response to the famine in Somalia and the World Food Programs (WFPs) approach to livelihoods. Prior to his work with ODI, he was the emergency response coordinator for Concern Worldwide and the country representative for Children’s Aid Direct for Sierra Leona, Kosovo, and North Korea.