Teddy Atim works with Life of the Law to produce a podcast series on Uganda

January 2018

Teddy Atim is working with Life of the Law to produce a three part podcast series about the effects of the Lord’s Resistance Army that abducted more than 60,000 people, including 20,000 children. The series goes back to 1986 when the first people were abducted and follows two people through their abduction to their lives today.

Uganda Part 1: Abducted is available here

Uganda Part 2: Escape is available here

Uganda Part 3: forthcoming

The series is reported by Gladys Oroma, and produced in partnership with Teddy Atim, Reseracher in Kampala, Uganda; Annie Bunting, Scholar at York University in Toronto, and the “Conjugal Slavery in War SSHRC Partnership;” and Life of the Law’s Senior Producer, Tony Gannon.

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