Webinar: Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion in Sudan

May 2021

Racism manifests itself differently in different countries and regions. Researchers must therefore understand racism in the context in which they are working to be able to appropriately promote diversity, equity, and inclusion.

This online event brought together three Sudanese professionals from different backgrounds and disciplines to discuss how racism manifests itself in Sudan, challenges to diversity, equity, and inclusion, and how to promote better practices.
• Nawal Hassan Osman, Darfur Area Expert, Toward Enduring Peace in Sudan (TEPS)
• Hassan-Alattar Satti, Development and Security Researcher and Independent Consultant
• Hussein Sulieman, Director, Centre for Remote Sensing and GIS, University of Gadarif
Professor Helen Young, Feinstein International Center at Tufts University, led the discussion with the panelists, who shared their own experiences.

The event was hosted by the Feinstein International Center and was sponsored by Global Tufts Month. It took place on April 22, 2021.