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Impact Assessment of the Zimbabwe Dams and Gardens Project

By John Burns, Omeno Suji | September 2007

This study was an impact assessment of the ‘Zimbabwe Dams and Gardens’ Project’ a community based famine prevention and mitigation intervention being implemented by CARE International in Masvingo Province, Zimbabwe….

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Impact Assessment of the Gokwe Integrated Recovery Action Project

By John Burns, Omeno Suji | August 2007

This study was an impact assessment of the “Gokwe Integrated Recovery Action Project” (GIRA) a drought recovery and famine mitigation intervention being implemented by Africare in the Midlands Province of…

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Strategies for Economic Recovery and Peace In Darfur Why a wider livelihoods approach is imperative and inclusion of the Abbala (camel herding) Arabs is a priority

Competing livelihoods in the absence of good local governance has led to localized and ultimately devastating conflict over natural resources in Darfur. The lack of comprehensive livelihoods analysis in international…

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Follow the Money A Review and Analysis of the State of Humanitarian Funding

By Peter Walker, Kevin Pepper | June 2007

This briefing paper is about the financing of humanitarian action. In the paper, and in the forthcoming workshop, we want to ask some basic questions: Is the pot of humanitarian…

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Taking Sides or Saving Lives: Existential Choices for the Humanitarian Enterprise in Iraq Humanitarian Agenda 2015: Iraq Country Study

By Greg Hansen | June 2007

Iraq places the frailties and fault-lines of the humanitarian enterprise in stark relief. Perhaps more than any other highly politicized context, Iraq has fueled a defensiveness and sense of existential…

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