Evan Easton-Calabria co-edits journal special issue on refugee livelihoods and the digital economy

March 2023

Evan Easton-Calabria co-edited a special issue of the Journal of Humanitarian Affairs (Volume 4: Issue 3 (March 2023)) on refugee livelihoods and the digital economy.  The special issue focuses on how aid organizations, together with the private sector and other actors, have worked to include refugees in new forms of online work within the web-based digital economy.

In this issue, Evan worked with Andreas Hackl to write the introductory article “Refugees in the Digital Economy: The Future of Work among the Forcibly Displaced.” Building on comparative analysis and a comprehensive review of the field of digital livelihoods among the forcibly displaced, the co-editors argue that including refugees in this digital economy is currently neither a sustainable form of humanitarian relief nor is it a development solution that provides large-scale decent work.

Evan also authored an op-ed “Digital Responsibility: Bridging Ethical Divides in Digital Refugee Livelihoods,” which outlines key issues humanitarians should consider when assessing their ‘digital responsibility’ to foster digital refugee livelihoods.

The entire issue is available here.

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