For Practitioners

Practitioner Expert Program

Recognizing the dynamic nature of relief work, the high turnover of staff, and the need for reflection and learning, the Feinstein International Center has established the Practitioner Expert Program, whereby returning field workers can be in residence at the Center for four to twelve weeks.

Humanitarian Studies Course

This innovative inter-university program is designed for medical residents, fellows, nurses, public health and policy graduate students along with other professionals with a vested interest in humanitarian relief operations to carry out effective international health and humanitarian work. The Humanitarian Studies Course will train participants in current humanitarian issues as well as the methodologies and essential skills that best prepare humanitarian workers to operate in the field.

Online Graduate Certificate in Evidence-Based Humanitarian Assistance

This program is ideal for individuals who are engaged in critical jobs in countries around the globe and are ready to advance their knowledge and skills. The courses complement real-time work experiences as students benefit from peer insights and interaction.

Online Graduate Certificate in Delivery Science for International Nutrition

Students will gain a broad understanding of the issues inherent in designing, developing, and implementing nutrition intervention programs with an emphasis on developing countries; learn to differentiate between various health and nutrition theories and models in order to apply them appropriately to scenarios they face in their current work; and apply proven methodologies to design, monitor and evaluate interventions and educational health and nutrition programs.

The Delivery Science in International Nutrition certificate is conferred jointly by the Tufts Friedman School and partner institution, United Nations University (UNU).