Nisar Majid

Nisar MajidVisiting Fellow

Nisar Majid has been working in the development and humanitarian fields for over fifteen years. This has primarily been in the Horn of Africa where he has a special interest in the Somali regions and peoples.

Nisar Majid’s initial working experience was in food security and livelihoods analysis and training, frequently within the early warning/information systems of Ethiopia, Somalia and Kenya. He has also participated in a number of technical and organizational reviews and evaluations. In 2013 he completed his PhD, which explored the agency of Somali ‘diaspora’ members, through the various organizations and technologies – NGOs, informal networks, a mosque and community center, a website and mobile telephony – they utilize in order to pursue their developmental and political goals, in the UK and in the Somali territories. Nisar is currently working closely with the FIC on an 18-month study investigating the lessons learned from the recent ‘crisis’ in the Horn of Africa.

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