Lacey Gale

Lacey GaleVisiting Fellow

Lacey Gale’s areas of interest include refugee camps, refugee diasporas, gender and family studies, child fostering, and child trafficking.

Lacey Gale has worked with international humanitarian organizations on issues of refugee protection, repatriation, and child trafficking. Gale’s publications explore such issues as: durable solutions for refugees in situations of protracted conflict, research methods with refugee populations, changing marital and child raising patterns among camp based refugees, post-conflict child fostering, and gender and Islam in West Africa. She has worked with refugees in Guinea, Sierra Leone, Senegal, and the United States. Her current research focuses on community leadership, remittance sending, and mental health among refugee diasporas in the United States. She holds a Ph.D. in Cultural Anthropology from Brown University.

FIC Publications

Beyond men pikin: improving understanding of post-conflict child fostering in Sierra Leone
By | April 2008

There is growing agreement that separated children are best cared for in community settings, rather than in institutions. However, even in a community setting, there is a need for standards…

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