Berhanu AdmassuSenior Researcher

Berhanu has worked on community-based programs with pastoralist communities in Ethiopia, Sudan and Kenya and is an expert on livestock policy reforms related to poverty reduction. Part of this work includes ensuring effective primary animal health care delivery and surveillance systems, focusing in the pastoral regions of Africa. His extensive experience of working directly with marginalized African communities, particularly in pastoralist areas, enables him to link realities at community level to the concerns and objectives of policy makers.

He has been actively engaged in both participatory analysis at field level, and facilitation and negotiation of policy processes at senior national and regional levels. He has also many years experience of working with non-governmental agencies and professional associations in Africa to successfully lobby government to achieve radical policy reforms related to livestock trade and veterinary service provision in rural areas. He has accumulated extensive experience of working in livestock projects in a wide range of environments with rural communities. After graduating from veterinary school, he joined the Ministry of Agriculture in Ethiopia, where he held different positions with increasing responsibilities. He started as Junior Veterinary Officer and progressed through different posts including Team Leader, Pan African Rinderpest Campaign (PARC) Branch Co-ordinator and Head of Regional Veterinary Laboratory.

Prior to joining Tufts, he worked with the African Union’s Interafrican Bureau for Animal Resources (AU/IBAR) as an Institutional and Policy support advisor and project coordinator and led the field-level and policy support to governmental and non-governmental partners.

He holds a DVM degree in Veterinary Medicine from the University of Addis Ababa and a Masters degree in Tropical Veterinary Medicine from the University of Edinburgh and has applied this knowledge in national and regional level animal disease surveillance and monitoring program.

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Regional Policy Support to IGAD
By Yacob Aklilu, Berhanu Admassu, Andy Catley | September 2013

The study on livestock exports and related benefits has helped to raise awareness of processes of commercialization in pastoralist areas, and how this trend contributes to a robust group of commercial actors on the one side, and increasing pastoral destitution on the other.

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