Secure Livelihoods Research Programme Consortium: Livelihoods, Basic Services, and Social Protection

The Feinstein International Center joined the Secure Livelihoods Research Consortium (SLRC) at its beginning in 2011, taking part in the Consortium’s work in investigating livelihoods, access to basic services, and social protection in fragile and conflict-affected states. Closely linked to earlier work undertaken by the Feinstein Center in livelihoods and food security, and combining insights from working in protracted conflict settings, this research is led by the Overseas Development Institute in London. The program of research is six years long, funded by the UK Department for International Development and Irish Aid. Research focuses on seven conflict-affected countries: Uganda, South Sudan, Afghanistan, Pakistan, Nepal, Sri Lanka, and the Democratic Republic of Congo. The Feinstein Center is leading on the SLRC work in Uganda and South Sudan.

The research focuses on three interlinked thematic areas. The first seeks to generate better information about poverty and vulnerability in fragile and conflict-affected situations and an improved understanding of people’s and communities’ own responses to fragility and conflict. The second focuses on state capacity,, including an examination of existing state capacities for policy-making and service delivery. The third is the livelihoods and economic activity in conflict and recovery, including the role of aid agencies and non-governmental actors, their role in social protection, and how they relate to the state.

Livelihoods, Basic Services and Social Protection in South Sudan

This paper summarizes the existing literature on livelihoods, basic services and social protection in South Sudan; presents a brief analysis of this literature, and lays out potential research questions for the Secure Livelihoods Research Consortium (SLRC).

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Livelihoods, Basic Services and Social Protection in Northern Uganda and Karamoja

This paper synthesizes current evidence on how people are recovering their livelihoods and accessing basic services and social protection interventions in the conflict-affected regions of Uganda’s Greater North.

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In the eye of the storm: An analysis of internal conflict in South Sudan’s Jonglei State
By Rachel Gordon | October 2013

The violent political crisis that has engulfed South Sudan since mid-December 2013 has awakened the world to the fundamental lack of stability in the world’s newest country. Unfortunately, the situation...

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