Markets and Trade in Darfur

The Feinstein International Center provides advisory support to the Darfur Development and Reconstruction Agency (DDRA) – a national NGO in Sudan – to set up and manage a community-based market monitoring network in the Darfur Region. The goal of this market monitoring initiative is to deepen analysis and understanding of the shifting patterns of trade and markets in Darfur on an ongoing basis for key agricultural and livestock commodities; identify how livelihoods and the economy can be supported through trade; and identify peace-building opportunities through trade. Seven community-based organizations (CBOs) plus DRA are monitoring 15 markets across North Darfur, including three markets in IDP camps, on a weekly basis. Five CBOs plus DRA are monitoring 11 markets in West Darfur, including two markets in IDP camps. In 2013, the market monitoring network will be extended to cover South and Central Darfur.

The specific objectives of this work are to:

  • Deepen analysis and understanding of how the conflict is impacting on trade and markets in Darfur, and therefore on livelihoods and the wider economy;
  • Provide policy and programming advice to state-level, national and international actors, on how livelihoods can be supported through support to trade and market infrastructure during protracted crisis and in preparation for eventual recovery;
  • Identify where trade provides a bridge between different livelihood and ethnic groups that may otherwise be hostile to one another, to identify opportunities for peace-building through trade. This will help to lay the foundations for the eventual recovery of Darfur’s economy when peace and stability are restored.

There are two components to the trade and markets programme:

  • Supporting a community-based organization (CBO) market monitoring network in North, West, South and Central Darfur, in partnership with DRA, which will result in quarterly market monitoring bulletins which capture outcomes of analysis as well as a computer-based database of monitoring data;
  • Carrying out two in-depth studies into the trade in Darfur in livestock (completed in 2012) and in cash crops (to be carried out in 2013) over a three year period.

Quarterly trade and market bulletins are now available for North Darfur, since April 2011, and for West Darfur since May 2012. The work is funded by the European Union through SOS Sahel International UK, and by UKAID from the Department of International Development through UNEP, and implemented with technical advisory support from FIC.

Trade and Market Bulletins, North Darfur

Market Monitoring Bulletins: West Darfur

Market Monitoring Bulletins: Central Darfur

Market Monitoring Bulletins: East Darfur

Market Monitoring Bulletins:  South Darfur

Market Monitoring Bulletins: Greater Darfur Region


Market Monitoring Workshop Reports

  • MMTA Workshop Report – Geneina – January-2012 This report is of a training workshop for Community Based Organizations, Local Non-Government Organizations and other partners in El Geneina, West Darfur and reflects the ongoing training and capacity building of the market monitoring network which has recently expanded to West Darfur in Year 2.
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