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Five years on: Livelihood advances, innovations, and continuing challenges in Karamoja, Uganda

karamoja development programming

This fifth year report examines key areas of change in Karamoja over the past five years to inform development programming decisions.

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Cities of Refuge

cities of refuge
By World Bank, Karen Jacobsen | October 2017

This policy note focuses on urban forced displacement from the perspective of receiving towns and cities.

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Tracking change in livelihoods, service delivery, and governance: evidence from a 2013-2015 panel survey in Uganda

livelihood recovery in Uganda

This report presents a series of challenges to conventional thinking around livelihood recovery for war-affected populations.

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Annual Report: 2015-2017

| August 2017

Description of Feinstein International Center activities and achievements from 2016-2015.

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Livelihood strategies and interventions in fragile and conflict-affected areas: assessing trends and changes from 2012 to 2016

livelihood adaptation

This publication explores the evolution of the “livelihoods approach” to development and humanitarian assistance.

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