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Livelihoods, Power, and Choice The Vulnerability of the Northern Rizaygat, Darfur, Sudan

Livelihoods in Darfur are intimately linked to the conflict, none more so than the livelihoods of the camel herding nomads known as the Northern Rizaygat. Their notoriety as part of…

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Livestock Marketing in Kenya and Ethiopia A Review of Policies and Practice

By Yacob Aklilu | December 2008

The last few years have witnessed a renewed interest in the export of live animals and meat from Kenya and Ethiopia. In both cases, the private sector has taken the…

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The Humanitarian Costs of Climate Change

Using existing international databases that track disaster occurrence and humanitarian costs, this research attempts to improve understanding of how climate change may affect international humanitarian spending. Employing four distinct methodological…

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Participatory Impact Assessment

By Andy Catley, John Burns, Dawit Abebe | October 2008

The Feinstein International Center has been developing and adapting participatory approaches to measure the impact of livelihoods based interventions since the early nineties. Drawing upon this experience, this guide aims…

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Internal Displacement to Urban Areas: Colombia Case Case 3: Santa Marta, Colombia

By Karen Jacobsen, Kimberly Howe | September 2008

For more than 40 years, Colombians have been subject to chronic violence perpetrated by left-wing guerillas, paramilitaries, government forces, and drug cartels. In the past 20 years, an estimated four…

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