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The Scramble for Cattle, Power and Guns in Karamoja

This new report on the Karamoja Cluster of Uganda, Sudan, Kenya, and Ethiopia is the result of several years of field work by a respected Teso elder from the region…

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Impact Assessment of the Chical Integrated Recovery Action Project, Niger

By John Burns, Omeno Suji | November 2007

This report is the outcome of an impact assessment of the ‘Chical Integrated Recovery Action Project’ an integrated livelihoods and drought mitigation intervention implemented by Africare in the Tillaberi region…

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Humanitarian Agenda 2015: Democratic Republic of Congo Case Study

By Tasneem Mowjee | October 2007

The Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC), formerly Zaire, is the second largest country in Africa and rich in gold, diamonds and minerals in the East of the country. It…

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Humanitarian Agenda 2015: Sri Lanka Country Study

By Simon Harris | October 2007

This study contributes to the Humanitarian Agenda 2015 (HA2015) country paper series by examining the issues of universality, terrorism, coherence and security in relation to the humanitarian enterprise in Sri…

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Sharpening the Strategic Focus of Livelihoods Programming in the Darfur Region

By Helen Young, Abdal Monium Osman | September 2007

It is well known in the Darfur region that peoples’ livelihoods have been devastated as a result of the conflict, both as a result of the direct asset-stripping of conflict…

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