Beyond men pikin: improving understanding of post-conflict child fostering in Sierra Leone

| April 2008

There is growing agreement that separated children are best cared for in community settings, rather than in institutions. However, even in a community setting, there is a need for standards…

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Impact Assessment of the Pastoralist Survival and Recovery Project Dakoro, Niger


This report is the outcome of an impact assessment of the ‘Pastoralist Survival and Recovery Project’ implemented by Lutheran World Relief and partners in North Dakoro, Niger. The assessment is…

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Humanitarian Agenda 2015: Final Report The State of the Humanitarian Enterprise


This report summarizes the findings of a major research project on the constraints, challenges, and compromises affecting humanitarian action in conflict and crisis settings. The building blocks are 12 case…

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Filling the Blue Box Mutuelles, Self-financing and Financial Services in the South of Haiti

By Kim Wilson | February 2008

In Haiti, many farmers lie beyond the reach of the formal banking system and MFIs. A powerful method of local financial intermediation, called mutuelles is helping to bridge the gap….

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Humanitarian Agenda 2015: Perceptions of the Pakistan Earthquake Response

By Andrew Wilder | February 2008

The devastating earthquake that struck northern Pakistan and the disputed territory of Kashmir in October 2005 killed approximately 75,000 people, injured 70,000 more, and left an estimated 3.5 million people…

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