Annual Report: July 2009 to June 2010

By Feinstein Center | September 2010

The Center’s scope of work has expanded in 2009-10 while staying focused on the subject matter of marginal communities and crisis. We now have active research ongoing in 14 countries…

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State-building, Counterterrorism, and Licensing Humanitarianism in Somalia

By Mark Bradbury | September 2010

The people of Somalia have experienced two decades of humanitarian crisis. In 1992, in the wake of the collapse of the Somali state, Somalia set a benchmark for humanitarian crises…

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Impact Assessment of Small-Scale Pump Irrigation in the Somali Region of Ethiopia

By Feinstein Center | September 2010

Gode zone in the Somali National Regional State of Ethiopia is a remote area in the east of the country, characterized by marked under‐development and frequent humanitarian crises. In addition,…

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Baseline and Mid-term Assessment of the PSNP Plus Project in Sire and Dodota Linking Poor Rural Households to Microfinance and Markets in Ethiopia


This report presents the results from a baseline assessment of the PSNP Plus project in Sire and Dodota woreda’s in the Oromiya region of Ethiopia. These assessments are part of…

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Foraging and Fighting Community Perspectives on Natural Resources and Conflict in Southern Karamoja


This joint publication by the Feinstein International Center and Save the Children in Uganda examines the perspectives and experiences of communities in the southern Karamoja region of Uganda regarding natural…

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