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Lifting Livelihoods with Livestock A review of REST's livestock value addition practices in Raya Azebo, Ethiopia and potentials for diversification

By Yacob Aklilu | November 2011

Between 2008 and 2011, over two thousand households were provided with informal loans for livestock value addition in an effort to graduate them from the Productive Safety Net Programme in…

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Review of Pastoral Rangeland Enclosures in Ethiopia

By Alison Napier, Solomon Desta | November 2011

Access to productive rangeland has long been a critical issue affecting pastoralists in Ethiopia. In November 2011, the Feinstein International Center at Tufts University facilitated a review of a specific…

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Impact Assessment of Livestock Value Chain Interventions Final Impact Assessment of the PSNP Plus Project in Raya Azebo

By John Burns, Solomon Bogale | November 2011

The USAID funded PSNP Plus program ‘Linking Poor Rural Households to Microfinance and Markets in Ethiopia’ was launched in late 2008 and will run until December 2011. The PSNP Plus…

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Milk Matters in Karamoja

By Elizabeth Stites, Emily Mitchard | October 2011

Households in the Karamoja region of northeastern Uganda have seen a precipitous drop in access to and availability of animal milk in recent years. The declining milk supply affects livelihoods,…

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Addressing Integrated Coordination in Food Security Crises A Brief Assessment of the Role, Mandate, and Challenges of the Global Food Security Cluster

By Daniel Maxwell, John Parker | October 2011

In May 2011, the Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) and World Food Programme (WFP) formally launched the global Food Security Cluster (FSC) as the UN’s global mechanism for coordinating food…

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