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Summary: Tradition in Transition: Customary Authority in Karamoja, Uganda

This is a summary of a larger report, funded by Irish Aid Kampala, that examines the evolution of customary authority among four population groups: the Jie, Dodoth, Matheniko, and Tepeth.

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On the Hoof: Livestock Trade in Darfur

Livestock is one of Darfur’s main economic assets and makes a major contribution to Sudan’s national livestock and meat exports. This report explores what has happened to the livestock trade…

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Annual Report 2011-2012

By Feinstein Center | September 2012

This report covers the first year of our new three year strategy with its focus on seven critical areas of research. We now have active research ongoing in 16 countries…

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Winning Hearts and Minds in Uruzgan Province

By Paul Fishstein | August 2012

Research in Uruzgan suggests that insecurity is largely the result of the failure of governance, which has exacerbated traditional tribal rivalries. While respondents within the international military did report some…

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Response Analysis: What Drives Program Choice?

By Daniel Maxwell, Heather Stobaugh | August 2012

This research considers “response analysis”: the analytical process by which the objectives and modality of program response options in an emergency are determined. The research question was whether improved analysis drives program response choices in humanitarian food security interventions?

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