In the eye of the storm: An analysis of internal conflict in South Sudan’s Jonglei State

By Rachel Gordon | March 2014

The violent political crisis that has engulfed South Sudan since mid-December 2013 has awakened the world to the fundamental lack of stability in the world’s newest country. Unfortunately, the situation…

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Experiences of National Governments in Expanding Their Role in Humanitarian Preparedness and Response

By Jeremy Harkey | January 2014

Many countries’ governments are slow to assume leadership of their disaster management system. Reasons for slow assumption of national leadership include a lack of government prioritization of disaster management, minimal…

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Pastoralism in Practice Monitoring Livestock Mobility in Contemporary Sudan


This report highlights the importance of pastoralist livestock mobility for the resilience of pastoralist livelihood systems and for maximising productivity. Tufts and partners monitored camel, sheep and cattle herds for…

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Taking Root The Cash Crop Trade in Darfur


This study explores the impact of a decade of conflict in Darfur on the trade in some of Darfur’s major cash crops. How has the cash crop trade adapted, and…

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Livestock, Livelihoods, and Disaster Response:  PART ONE A Review of Livestock-Based Livelihood Projects in Sudan

By Merry Fitzpatrick, Helen Young | November 2013

Tufts University and the Feinstein International Center are pleased to announce the publication of a two part review of emergency livestock interventions in Sudan. Livestock production is a crucial livelihood…

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