Livelihood Dynamics in Northern Karamoja A Participatory Baseline Study for the Growth Health and Governance Program

By John Burns, Gezu Bekele, Darlington Akabwai | September 2013

This report documents the findings of a livelihoods assessment carried out as part of the USAID funded Growth, Health and Governance program being implemented by Mercy Corps and partners in…

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Disaster Risk Reduction and Livelihoods

By Feinstein Center | September 2013

According to the Hyogo Framework for Action, disasters affect over 200 million people annually, causing significant loss of lives, forced migration, and disruption of livelihoods and institutions. The trend over…

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How do Different Indicators of Household Food Security Compare? Empirical Evidence from Tigray


With recent food crises at both regional and global levels, and renewed commitments from major donor countries to address chronic hunger, food security is more prominent on the policy agenda…

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Urban Profiling of Refugee Situations in Dehli Refugees from Myanmar, Afghanistan and Somalia and their Indian Neighbours: A Comparative Study

By JIPS, UNHCR, Feinstein Center | September 2013

India is host to refugees from all its neighboring countries, and in addition, in New Delhi, UNHCR assists over 24,000 urban refugees and asylum-seekers originating from Myanmar and non-neighboring countries…

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Ransom, Collaborators, Corruption Sinai Trafficking and Transnational Networks


Each month thousands of men, women, and children flee Eritrea as a result of grave violations of human rights committed by the Eritrean government. Traveling via Sudan and Egypt, 36,000…

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