Relationships between recovery and relapse, and default and repeated episodes of default in the management of acute malnutrition in children in humanitarian emergencies: A systematic review protocol

Top_92469_Abbie Trayler-Smith Oxfam

This protocol details the methodology for an evidence synthesis on acute malnutrition in humanitarian crises. The evidence synthesis asks: “What is the evidence on the relationship between recovery and/or cure…

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Livelihood recovery in post-conflict northern Uganda

SLRC livelihoods
By Simon Levine | April 2016

This study complements the larger Secure Livelihoods Research Consortium Uganda survey by providing deeper insight into processes of recovery in northern Uganda. It focuses on: ·         The nature of ‘livelihood…

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The Road to Resilience A Scoping Study for the Taadoud Transition to Development Project

The Road to Resilience
By Merry Fitzpatrick, Helen Young | March 2016

This scoping study explores the resilience strategies of households in multiple livelihood systems by describing how households in Darfur have coped with conflict and other shocks over the past fifteen…

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The Somalia Famine of 2011-2012

somalia famine

The Somalia famine of 2011 was the first instance of actual famine in nearly a decade, and to date the worst famine of the 21st Century. In retrospect the disaster…

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The Return to Violence in South Sudan

By Daniel Maxwell, Phoebe Donnelly | February 2016

South Sudan became the world’s newest country in July 2011, but internal political struggles resulted in renewed violent conflict in December 2013, affecting nearly half the country’s population and displacing some…

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