This is the fourth in a series of Policy Briefing Papers which form part of the Environment and Livelihoods component of the UNEP Sudan Integrated Environment Programme, funded by UKAid from the UK Department for International Development (DFID). This paper highlights the strategic importance of pastoralist mobility for livestock production and outlines ways in which pastoralism can be supported to benefit livelihoods, the environment, peace and stability, and the economy of Sudan. It is based on a research report (UNEP 2013, “Pastoralism in Practice: Monitoring Livestock Mobility in Contemporary Sudan”), authored by Helen Young, Hussein Sulieman, Roy Behnke, and Zoe Cormack, with Abdelhafiz Mohamed Adam, Samira Mohammed Ahmed, and Hamid Mohamed Abdelnabi, that can be found on the UNEP and Tufts websites. See: or